2024-04-28 GDB
  • Added 2024 gallery and picture
2024-01-03 GDB
  • Updated new membership form on web pages.  The instructional PDF was pointing to an old form.
  • removed all page caching – nothing worked well with it
2024-01-03 GDB

Configured W3 Cache to exclude as follows:

  • Page Cache / Cache Exception List
    • class.simple-wp-membership.php
    • class.swpm-access-control.php
    • loggedin.php
  • Database Cache / Never Cache the following pages
    • https://tofieldgunclub.ca/members-area/
    • https://tofieldgunclub.ca/membership-login/
  • Page Cache / Never Cache the following pages
    • https://tofieldgunclub.ca/members-area/
    • https://tofieldgunclub.ca/membership-login/
2024-01-03 GDB
  • HostPapa support resolved use login issue related to installing new cache
  • Updated site admin information to GDB
  • Paid for site HP services
2023-12-10 GDB

1. The top accessed file was the wp-cron.php which was the scheduled tasks of your website. You may disable it from your WP website and let the cPanel do it for your account. See link below.

–> https://www.hostpapa.com/knowledgebase/replace-wordpress-cron-real-cronjob

2. There were some hits from the index.php file of your website and was the top process on your account. You may enable leverage browser cache and gzip following our guides below:

–> https://www.hostpapa.com/knowledgebase/leverage-browser-caching/

3. Install cache plugin to optimize WordPress with cache


4. Use caching plugin.


5. Can also enable Cloudflare CDN firewall for the domain(s) to filter malicious traffic and to use CDN cache that will boost the website and reduce the executions of the scripts on the server-side because of the CDN cache:




* CloudFlare did not work.  DNS made site unaccessible.

2023-10-05 GDB
  • Updated Home page to show messages
  • Moved message banner to the bottom of the page
  • Updated calendar for Warren Thiesson shoot
  • reinstalled WP 6.1
  • Installed default block editor – previous default opened blank page
2023-09-07 GDB
  • Deleted /public_html/wp-content/updraft/
  • Deleted /softaculous_backups/
  • Deleted previous wp backup (>6GB)
  • Forced new backup (<0.7GB)
2023-05-16 GDB Updated new membership request with PDF instructions
2023-05-13 GDB Added shotgun range information to site
2023-05-11 GDB
  • Limited users began testing members only pages. Had to resolve minutes links and reloaded pictures.
  • Added 2021 pictures.
2023-05-10 GDB Updated range rules as per Doug, Gord, Ivo, Bill
2023-05-10 GDB Added forum@tofieldgunclub.ca to support the forum emails
2023-05-07 GDB updated and reset user test accounts, removed login requirements for the forum
(gate keeper is the WP account login)
2023-05-03 GDB Test forum and user accounts access
2023-04-24 GDB Updraft – created weekly backup schedule
2023-04-20 GDB Menu disappeared from the phone and tablet platforms.
To resolve … Open appearance, header builder, select phone, move primary menu to another tab,
move it back and publish
2023-04-19 GDB Cleaned up pictures, readded to the gallery, created separate pages for 2022, 2022 BBQ, 2023
2023-04-13 GDB Created logfile page
2023-04-13 GDB Replaced ‘Eventin’ with ‘Calendar’
2023-04-13 GDB Backup system to Dropbox
2023-04-13 GDB Created Dropbox storage for tofieldgunclub@outlook.com
2023-04-13 GDB FTP copied entire system to air gap storage
2023-04-13 GDB Deleted local backups from 2022 – consumed all allotted disk space
2023-04-13 GDB Installed ‘Simple Banner’ – added note that lock combinations are coming soon
2023-04-01 GDB Updated pages per Gord
2023-04-01 GDB Added membership link and PDF to Support page
2022-06-14 GDB Installed ‘Eventin’ event planner and calendar
2022-06-14 GDB Installed ‘WP Forms’
2022-06-14 GDB Added user add-ins – bulk load
2022-06-14 GDB Added range rules, started to standardize text
2022-06-14 GDB Deleted Cpanel_Form_file.upload.e07580ac from TMP folder, backed up to local
2022-06-13 GDB Back up system to Updraft cloud storage
2022-06-13 GDB Installed ‘UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore’